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If you are looking for the same training style that 99% of the Personal Trainers you encounter all over Los Angeles then look elsewhere.  I take my fitness lifestyle seriously and I expect all my clients to do the same.  If you are serious about your fitness goals then come on in and lets get you started.  If you are looking to pretend to exercise and gab about American Idol then I suggest you hire an actor with a "Master Trainer" shirt from 24 Hr Fitness or Ballys.


About Nathalie

Nathalie Bernard Personal Trainer

Nathalie is a personal trainer and natural bikini and figure competitor who is passionate about health and fitness.

In 1996, she began her career in France as a fitness instructor. Over the years, she taught a variety of master aerobic classes, and workshops in fitness conventions, gyms, and training centers throughout Europe. In 2002, she received her Tae Bo certification, and quickly became a premier instructor at the Billy Blanks (creator of Tae Bo) World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, California. What sets Nathalie apart is her ability to apply a unique style, creativity, energy, intensity, and enthusiasm to everything she does.

Accomplishments and certifications include the International Fitness instructor in Europe (France,Germany and Spain). Fitness Champion FFHMDA in France, 1996. Certification Sport school (France), 1994. Certified Tae Bo (Billy Blanks) since 2002, certified Sport and Aerobics. Tae Bo instructor and personal trainer at Billy Blanks World Training Center for 4 years in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Nathalie is also a massage therapist graduated from the National Holistic Institute (NHI).
Nathalie is also the owner of the newest and hottest fitness studio The BEAT in Sherman Oaks, CA.

 "My training is focusing on reshaping your body. I will give you the best solution to help with the shrinking the waist, hips and buns area.
You will gain strength, be healthier, and get more fit. If you are ready to train hard and improve the way you look and feel, I will empower you to achieve your best body ever.''

Where to Find Me:

 Frenchys Fitness - Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Owner at The BEAT Fitness

 4348 Woodman  Avenue,  Sherman Oaks, CA 91423  

 Frenchys Fitness - Personal Training at Steel Barbells

 15115 Califa Str, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91411  

 Phone: 310-936-0704